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It's official, we've fallen in love...

with our chocolate bars! Rumor has it that you have too.

While it is true that we only make each of our bars seasonally (Valentine's, Mother's Day/Easter time and for the winter holidays) something fabulous has happened, we've been invited back to participate at the Chocolate & Cheese Festival! In celebration of this special event and chocolate in general, we thought it would be fun to have all three bars made and available at once!

So, here we go, we are preparing all three bars for your pleasure. Each bar will continue to be made with Solstice Chocolate's 70% Madagascar Sambriano and will include that heavenly organic butter cream ganache made with one of our preserves. You will have the choice of Raspberry Rose, Italian Plum or Tangelo OR why choose? You deserve them all!

They will be available for purchase through our online store as long as supplies last and in person at the Chocolate & Cheese Festival on March 28th and March 29th from 10a - 5p at the Natural History Museum of Utah.

And since jam pairs so beautifully with cheese and chocolate, we will have all of our available jams and marmalades with us for you to taste and take home with you as well!

This really is a fantastic event. There are many amazing local artisan chocolate and cheese producers participating, and all of us up in the magic of the Natural History Museum of Utah. You really don't want to miss it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Albeit weeks earlier than in previous years, this trek was awesome!

On the suggestion of friends, we documented the adventure more than ever before and shared most of it on Instagram. It was great having many of you with us along the way.

It was a beautiful week. The drive was easy and fun, the weather was amazing, and we were able to mix loads of pleasure in with our harvesting. We spent time with very near and dear friends, shared in spectacular meals, and John even found time to play fiddle tunes with two of his favorite guitar players. We frequented old stomping grounds where we were continuously fed and inspired: notably The Gardener in Berkeley and Heath Ceramics at their San Francisco location --- delivered an order of Amour Spreads to one of our favorite cheese shops in the country: The Cheese Board Bakery & Cheese in the Gourmet Ghetto--- and discovered new gems that we were delighted to find and looking forward to revisiting.

The Tangelos are, simply stated, DIVINE! While significantly early, they are bursting with that tart lusciousness that we just love. Don't know whether it's because of the California drought, the 14" of rain in December, or simply all the love they receive, but these balls of sunshine are sensational!
2015's Tangelo Marmalade is in the works and we're stoked! We love this marmalade - the flavor, the tang, the texture and of course the beautifully julienned rind. While we enjoy it on its own, on an English Muffin, with cheese or yogurt, it's now found its way into our hearts in our winter-season chocolate bar.

We're so excited to share this gorgeous marmalade and all its love with you! (The full album of our #2015TangeloTrek is posted on our Facebook page.)

Amour Spreads is 3!! AND we have THREE ways we're celebrating!

While part of the Winter Farmers Market this Saturday, we will be having an event of our own -- celebrating all the goodness we've experienced since we opened our doors for business three years ago.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to express our deep gratitude for another truly spectacular year and here's what we are excited for you to know about... a brand new flavor -- Dapple Dandy Pluot Jam... a new seasonal chocolate bar and... we're giving away 3 Amour Tasting Gift Sets.

For your chance to win a gift set, email us at with GIVEAWAY in the subject line, include your favorite way(s) to enjoy Amour Spreads in the body of the email. We'd love for you to include a photo if you can. OR, you can follow us on Instagram, post your photos of how you enjoy your Amour Spreads & tag #amourspreads & #webethree.

The winners will be announced on Instagram this Friday! If you entered via email and you are a randomly selected winner, you will be notified directly through your email address.

Please come say hi, happy birthday, and have a taste this Saturday!

With love and gratitude,Casee and John