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Ebelskivers are a traditional Danish breakfast dish made using a half spherical pan. This particular design yields pancake like balls that are perfect for dipping or filling with delicious jam. Ebelskivers pans can be found at any local kitchen wares shop like Williams-Sonoma.

For the batter, whip up your favorite pancake recipe.

Heat the pan on medium heat. Add oil or butter to each sphere to keep the batter from sticking.

Fill each sphere half way with the batter. Wait 30 seconds, then add a teaspoon of your favorite Amour Spreads jam or marmalade. We’ve found Tayberry Jam and Tangelo Marmalade fabulous compliments.

When the edges of the Ebelskivers begin to look cooked (about one and a half minutes) flip over and allow to cook for an additional 45 seconds or until thoroughly cooked and browned.

Serve with maple syrup, creme fraîche, powdered sugar, and fresh fruit…though jam filled ebelskivers tend to need little more than a drizzle of creme fraîche in our humble opinion.  ENJOY!

We are delighted to share the news that The Jam Shop is open for retail!

Beginning this week, we have opened the front end of our commercial kitchen up to give you an opportunity to shop at your leisure, taste any and all of what we make, or pick up some gift sets, limited edition jams (Tayberry - 2016 Good Food Award Finalist, ) and our seasonal Italian Plum & Tangelo chocolate bars.

All of what we offer will be available from 1p - 6p now through Christmas Eve.

You can also sneek a peek at our kitchen and delight in the amazing smells wafting from the copper jam pans. Yes, it's marmalade time and the pots are still on the fire!

Looking forward to seeing you at 1329 South 500 East near Liberty Park.

Until then...wishing you and yours the merriest!


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