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Quince Jelly (Special Limited Edition)

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QUINCE! This fall we were able to get our hands on this amazing and often overlooked fruit. When the invitation came for us to harvest our dear friend's family trees that their father, Steve Pappas, had planted close to 90 years ago, we jumped at the chance.

For those of you who don't know them, Quince are close relatives of apples and pears and are all members of the Rose family. Unlike an apple or pear, quince is practically inedible raw, partly due to the high tannins and astringent flavor. However, once on the stove, they begin to release their magical scents wafting a delicate fragrance of vanilla, citrus, and floral into our jam kitchen.

After a few trial runs, we decided to make our first-ever jelly with these beauties!

The finished product is a delicious glowing rose-colored preserve that melts in your mouth and is absolutely heavenly paired with manchego cheese.

Please note: Availability is truly limited as we made less than 150 jars of this spectacular jelly.

Ingredients: fresh Quince, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon juice