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We are truly delighted to be able to share this remarkable jam with you! It is the first time we have had the pleasure of making this jam as Amour Spreads. Our wonderful friend Kathy has a tree growing on the benches of the Wasatch Front. It was loaded with fruit for the first time in years, and she invited us to share in her bounty! Of course we said "YES!" We went to pick and the fruit was perfectly tree-ripened, glowing and absolutely delicious! This beautiful fruit has a deep red skin and flesh that is often called a 'Blood Plum' and it makes a gorgeous and sweetly tart tasting gem of a jam.

Satsuma plum, not to be confused with the mandarin orange of the same name, was a Luther Burbank introduction from Japan in 1899. It had been grown there for countless years prior to that.

We are honored to have had the chance to work with such a special fruit!

Please note: we made less than 250 jars so supplies are truly limited.

Ingredients: fresh tree-ripened Satsuma plums, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon juice