Chokecherry Jam

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Responding to frequent requests, we went a-foraging! We happily found big bountiful bushes abundant with fruit ready to be made into this incredible jam. Many of you know that to eat a raw chokecherry all on its own would swiftly cause one to question ones choice. However, to taste the jam is a whole other experience -- a bit woodsy and cherry with no bitterness and not too sweet. We love it and are so glad we listened to all of you Chokecherry lovers!

As only limited amounts of chokecherries were harvested this year, there is a limited amount of jam. Get yours now -- or be willing to wait until next season.

Ingredients: freshly picked, grown-in-the-wild chokecherries, organic cane sugar, fresh apple, organic lemon juice.

Please use caution when enjoying this jam as it may contain small chokecherry pits.