Amour Café Gelato + Sorbetto

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Our house-made delicious award-winning gelato and sorbetto is now available by the pint!

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream you ask? It is much lower in fat than ice cream. Ice cream is mostly heavy cream with some milk, and gelato is mostly whole milk with a small amount of cream. Our gelato base is gluten free and made without eggs.

Because it is lower in fat, the flavors are cleaner and taste more intense.

Another difference is that less air is spun into gelato during the churning process. Our gelato machine is made specifically for gelato, has a slower spin, which results in a denser, less fluffy mouthfeel than ice cream.

Sorbetto is made in the same process, and is usually fruit based, although we have an amazing chocolate one. It is gluten free and vegan.*

Our flavors are all made from scratch, and change frequently.

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