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2016 has begun with high energy, hearts full with gratitude and more inspired than ever!

We recently returned home from San Francisco, the Good Food Awards and our annual Tangelo Harvest. The Good Food Awards festivities were completely inspiring. Carlo Petrini, the founder of the Slow Food Movement joined us from Italy as the keynote speaker. He passionately spoke to us with the music of his language about the importance of what it is we are all doing. Alice Waters, one of our heroines and key sources for inspiration, introduced him eloquently with gratitude for what he’s doing and reminded us of the opportunities ahead. Nell Newman (Newman's Own) anchored the group with her poise and commitment to this food movement and the three of them, shook hands, presented each award and hugged the awardee with authentic enthusiasm. In our case, that was the fabulous John Francis! Yes friends, Amour Spreads' Black Currant Blackberry Jam is a 2016 Good Food Award winner!!

Sarah Weiner is without a doubt, a beautiful, articulate, passionate woman leading the Good Food Awards and its mission to great heights helping to educate and inspire along the way. It's clear that our country's citizens are demanding change. Leading up to the awards, General Mills announced they will be transparent with their labeling stating, “we support nationally standardized labeling of non-GMO products in the U.S., where there has generally been no requirement for special labeling.” Additionally, Campbell’s has also chosen to support mandatory national GMO labeling. “We are unleashing the power of our Purpose, Real food that matters for life’s moments. Our Purpose calls for us to acknowledge that consumers appreciate what goes into our food, and why—so they can feel good about the choices they make, for themselves and their loved ones.” Read more about Campbell’s position here.

It is a tremendous honor to be part of a growing community of our country's finest food producers who are committed to using the very best quality ingredients, sourced with a desire for seasonality and sustainability, changing the landscape and reclaiming our food! What’s more…we got the chance to taste all of these delicious products at an amazing feast after the awards ceremony that night.  If you have the chance, we highly recommend checking out all of the 2016 winners, what they've produced and supporting their efforts.

A beautiful portrait gallery of the Good Food Awards was created by the lovely and talented Roman Cho. He was kind enough to include a great photo of Casee! Click here to check it out.

We are more inspired than ever to maintain our commitment to artisan, hand-crafted preserves and continuing to work with and deepen our relationships with Utah's farmers to expand their knowledge and commitment to sustainable growing practices. We'd like to take a moment to thank Jarrod Weeks and his brothers of Weeks Berries for their hard work, sustainable growing practices and for growing the delicious berries and currants in this jam! These black currants and blackberries are grown in Paradise, Utah. It is an honor and a pleasure to be supporting and working with Utah's farmers from Mt. Pleasant to Bear Lake. We are truly grateful and appreciative of what they do, each and every day.

As we traveled through the Bay Area enjoying the wonderful rains and green hills, feeling the once parched earth relaxing into the generous precipitation that has been falling, our journey took us to our dear friends home and their urban orchard.  We enjoyed a delicious candle-light supper with our beloved friends, caught up on the last year, and celebrated all the goodness in our lives. The rain stopped, and the sun-shined through just long enough for us to pick this years beautiful Tangelos. These gems are full of California sunshine and more delicious than ever!  We’re excited to be turning them into marmalade as well as to have some to share at the Winter Farmers Market. Thank you Captain Bill and Maria for your love and support and for your wonderful stewardship of the soil and these trees!

With all of that said, there are exciting happenings unfolding for us and we’re so excited for what’s around the corner. There is loads more goodness coming in 2016 and we encourage you to join our social media outlets - if you haven't already (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) -- to continue to stay connected to the news that will be coming shortly.

Thank you -- for your support, belief in our vision and appreciation for our craft. We wouldn’t be where we are, dreaming into what’s next, if it weren’t for YOU. CHEERS!